Blogtember Day 1: Introduction

I found the Blogtember Challenge here, and decided that it was about time I actually used the blog on a regular basis instead of agonizing about whether I had long, insightful essays for you all. Maybe if I just start writing regularly, from prompts, I’ll get some of those long insightful essays– and meanwhile, I’m producing more writing and maybe getting a readership that likes it. After all, you have to put the writing out there and engage with people to develop an audience, and it’s not like I’m ever discussing anything all that controversial on here like politics. (Mostly.)

Today’s is “Introduce Yourself”, so I’m going to introduce myself

My pen name is Kit Harding. I’m trying to become a writer, and I’ve made a few steps in that direction already– the signed contract for a story in the yet-to-be-published anthology that I’ve mentioned on here before. I’m presently working on a novel, although I’m also occasionally producing poetry, and looking for a day job because writing doesn’t pay the bills yet. In my spare time I try to learn new things– I always want to learn new things.

I’m Wiccan, and polyamorous, and I may well talk about both of those things on here. Certainly I’m presently engaged in a quest to find myself. And isn’t “finding yourself” an interesting way of putting that sort of thing? I love the Ken Robinson quote about that: “I wanted to find myself. So I went to India, where I thought I might be.” I see this blogging thing as a counterpoint to the daily journaling thing that I’ve been doing for months now: in the journals, I write about all the detailed things in my head that I’m not sure what to do with, and drain the psychic wounds so the healing can begin. On the blog, I take ideas that occur to me during the journaling and refine them for public consumption, so that I can figure out if those ideas are worth anything to other people.

Those are fun adventures; shall we have them together?


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