Blogtember Day 2: An Ideal Day

Blogtember Challenge Day 2: Describe Your Ideal Day

I really am going to do this every day, even if some of these days are posted pretty late in the day! Describing an ideal day… well, she doesn’t specify whether I’m supposed to be describing my ideal plausible day or an implausible one– but a plausible one is easier. I don’t actually foresee this day happening anytime soon, but I’m hoping my Labor Day weekend will be able to approximate some of it.

Wake up beside my partner, quietly, without having had any nightmares. Cuddle for a little while, then I get up and do yoga, journaling, physical therapy, and altar work while he goes back to sleep. If I focus enough, since this is an ideal day, I can also get some work done on my novel before it’s time to wake him up. (I almost never manage to actually get all of this done before it’s time to wake him up on mornings after we’ve spent the night together, but I live in hope.)

After I’ve done all that, it’s mid-morning and I make my partner’s tea and wake him up with it. He cooks breakfast, and we talk while we eat. We work on one of our science/craft/project things in the basement, and remember to stop for lunch at the correct interval so I’m not at risk of ill health from a missed meal. After lunch we go back to the basement for a couple more hours, then come out to spend time together just talking.

In the early evening, we pull the firepit out into the backyard and have some friends over to grill, and play Sentinels of the Multiverse. We grill at least one “interesting” thing, along with normal meat and vegetables. The food doesn’t set off any of my health problems. After everyone goes home, we clean up the firepit together and go to spend time just being together before bed.

And that’s an ideal day. My partner’s presence, first and foremost, alongside actually getting stuff done.


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