Blogtember Challenge Day 4: Passion

I did say some of these were going to be late. Sometimes very late. But that’s okay. (September 6 is going to be either an entire day late or not happen at all, since I will be otherwise occupied.) I’m actually blogging and putting posts out there and even remembering to tag them occasionally, which is the point of the exercise.

Today’s question: what are you passionate about?


Or maybe that should be “stories”, since I’ll go into detail about the construction of other people’s stories just as much as I will about mine. But I love having worlds alive in my head for me to examine, set against each other, and try to figure out. I love putting words down on the page. My characters are talking to me in my head all the time, telling me what they want to do next; the novel has taken on an air of “don’t ask me, I just write the thing” as the characters take on lives of their own.

There is a most profound joy in doing that, in taking characters that you created and turning them into something else, something more, something immeasurably greater, so real they can almost step off the page.


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