Blogtember Day 5: Music

Today’s Blogtember Challenge is to put the iTunes player on shuffle and share the first ten songs that come up. Me being me, you’ll also get a little bit of commentary on each one– just giving you a list would be boring!

1. “Love, Me” by Collin Raye
This is from the “Direct Hits” CD, which I found at a yard sale and purchased because it had “Little Red Rodeo” on it. I didn’t at the time know any other Collin Raye songs besides that one, but I bought it anyway because it was a yard sale and therefore inexpensive– and because the silver side wasn’t too scratched up, meaning the music was likely clear. The rest of the CD actually turned out to be pretty good, and this is a pretty sweet love song that’s unquestionably country– which is a relief to me after seeing some of the stuff that’s passing for country these days. Sometimes it’s nice to go back to the older stuff.

2. “The Art of Losing” by American Hi-Fi
Jumping genres a bit, aren’t we! This one probably isn’t something I’d have purchased separately– it shows up on the Freaky Friday soundtrack– but it’s very… bouncy, and I have a certain appreciation for it on that basis alone.

3. “Wrapped Up in You” by Garth Brooks
One I haven’t listened to in years! Actually, this is another one where the story is behind the acquisition, and another song I didn’t really intend to purchase separately. When “The Lost Sessions” first came out, the only way you could get it was in a box set with a bunch of other albums at Wal-Mart. All that music for $25 was a pretty good deal if you didn’t already have the other albums, which I didn’t, but I had to do a rather large special chore before my parents would consent to buy it for me. This is something of a forgettable song, certainly not one of my favorites or one I go back to, but it’s Garth Brooks and it’s decent enough country.

4. “Ordinary Miracle” by Sarah McLachlan
This one is a favorite, and one I went out of my way to get specifically. It’s just so pretty, and I like the message here too. A lovely little reminder to look at life and see it for what it is– beautiful and incredible, even in the little ordinary things.

5. “What You Look For” by Mary Chapin Carpenter
I think Mary Chapin Carpenter is my favorite artist ever. I’ve heard her in a few places referred to as the Queen of Country, but I think she’s more folk than country. This song came on an album I got because it was cheaper than getting all the individual songs I wanted, but it’s again fun and pretty. It’s another reminder song, like “Ordinary Miracle”, that wants us to keep looking at life and finding the beauty in it.

6. “Strange Phenomena” by Kate Bush
This album this is from was given to me by a friend. I listened to the whole album once through and pretty much never again– it’s the most bizarre music I have ever heard, with weird tonalities, and I’m not overly fond of her singing voice either. It’s kept on here because it was a gift, and I do absolutely adore the person who gave it to me.

7. “The Folk Song Army” by Tom Lehrer
I was introduced to Tom Lehrer’s music by a friend who went “You’ve never heard Tom Lehrer? Here, you must listen to all of it!” My opinions on the individual songs vary widely, but I tend to like the political ones best, and this is one of my favorites. As much as I love folk music and protest songs, I do kinda see his point here. Going out and singing protest songs appears to have been the original version of “Share if you’re against racism!” (Only these days we have a clever name for it: slacktivism.)

8.  “Knock ‘Em Out” by Lily Allen
One of the girls in my dorm in high school made us all mix CDs every so often, even shy and socially awkward me. This is from a mix she made specifically for me, and I’m still not sure what I think of the song, though I listen to it often enough. I was kind of shocked by the subject matter when I first heard it, but as I’ve grown up a little more the idea of bluntly rejecting people has gotten less shocking. And at least the people in the song are trying be both persistent and polite about saying no, which messages we could probably use more of. (Especially the persistence.)

9. “On the Galtymore Mountains” by the Grehan Sisters
This song I got by going through a now-ex-boyfriend’s CD collection and ripping all the interesting ones. This one wound up in my iTunes solely because it had “Celtic” in the album title, and I’m not sure I actually bothered to listen to it first, or that many times since. I don’t really like this song.

10. “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” by Jake Owen
An absolute favorite. I love this one unquestionably– the thing I have always loved so much about country music is the image it presents, of a little town somewhere with people who live close together and all know each other and go out and sit around fires and dance on tailgates on the weekends… and this song kind of epitomizes that image. Yes, I know small-town Midwest America isn’t really like that, but I still love the image.

And… that’s that! Ten songs. I swear, the majority of my iTunes music library actually is stuff I like and meant to acquire; iTunes just seemed to wind up focusing on stuff that was incidental to the purchase of other stuff, that I’m indifferent to or outright dislike, and only giving me a few favorites. I guess that’s what happens when you hit shuffle? But now you have at least a bit more of an idea, and the occasional comment on the real world. And hey, I actually got the post up early today!


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