Blogtember Day 8: Favorite Season

So I was gone for two days! Where was I? With my partner as we did our level best to actually have that ideal day I described last week. It wasn’t exactly as described, but it was an amazing weekend and I’m still all glowy from it– my partner is just the most wonderful person. You will get the posts from the prompts I missed, I’m just not sure exactly when.

But I’m going to give you today’s blog post right now. The prompt? Favorite season.

That’s actually an easy one for me. My favorite season is autumn. It’s when the land turns beautiful colors, when we have pumpkin fests and trick-or-treating and community, and then we lead into Thanksgiving. Things are cooling off but they’re not freezing yet, and there’s so much fun to be had. The time of apple picking, of pumpkin carving, of baking… all the things I love to do.

I’ve always conceptualized this as the house-and-hearth time, so loving autumn best of all ties into my desire to make a home. You see it described in Fruits Basket as “a home no one would ever want to leave,” and that image is what I’ve been chasing. For some reason it’s always seemed closer to me in autumn, and I want to be at the center of a place like that, the one who brings light and life into a gathering even as the land begins to die back, and ties people into a sense of caring. That ideal comes into the world in a practical sense with activities like baking and preserving, and in a more ethereal sense as the rituals for this part of the year offer thanks for plenty and begin to look inward but aren’t as yet solely introspective.

The second part of the prompt is to answer what all of this says about me. I think for the most part it ties me into serving the Mother. My gifts are the arts of hearth and home: baking, crafting, child-wrangling, and keeping the peace. Those are all the provenance of the Mother, and I see them all as inextricably bound to the autumn as well.

Caregiver. That’s what this makes me. A caregiver.


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