Blogtember Challenge Day 10: Bucket List

Today’s challenge is to offer up 10 items off my bucket list. This one is indeed a bit of a challenge, as I’ve never actually made a bucket list, so let’s see what I have to offer up to y’all. This won’t, incidentally, be as exciting as some bucket lists I’ve seen– the bucket list is just a list of things you want to do, right? And I don’t tend to big, save-the-world dreams… just smaller goals.

Publish a novel
All right, I’m pretty sure y’all could guess this was one of them, given that I’ve made no secret of being a writer, or trying to be a writer.

Have children
I want at least two children, possibly more. I already work with children, I have always loved children… and these days I play with babies wishing so much that I could have one of my own.

Become a foster parent
There are a lot of kids in the system, and unless they’re healthy babies it’s very hard to place them. I’d like to take in older children, who need homes just as badly (maybe more) but have so many fewer good homes in the system. (And the stories I heard as a teen from friends who’d spent time in foster care only cemented that decision.)

Write the Wicca 201 book
There are a lot of Pagan books out there, but they tend to fall disproportionately into two categories: the basic introductory 101 books that all repeat the same material, and the highly advanced books on specific aspects of practice. (And few enough of that latter category, at least that I’ve had any luck finding.) There’s little enough out there telling you what to do after you’ve read the 101 book and maybe can’t go out and buy the whole altar setup and jump into it headfirst the way the 101 books think. So I want to do a book on things like building a practice, basic meditation exercises, deciding what you want to do…

Visit Ireland
Ireland has so much history and mythology there, as well as pretty countryside. I would like to visit it someday– see the castles, hear the myths, find the real old traditional music…

Attain health
As much as the already-diagnosed chronic health problems will allow, anyway– but it would be very nice to have diagnosis and treatment for the remaining ones, to a sufficient degree that I can get it down to a routine and live my life despite it instead of having to allow for it constantly. No one ever wants to be a devotee of spoon theory.

Return to Pennsic
I only went once, and it was a hotbed of crazy the entire time. I’d like to go back and not have it be a hotbed of crazy, and actually be fun.

Attend Pagan Spirit Gathering
This is the only large Pagan festival nearby that I’m aware of, and it’s supposed to be amazing! Massive crowds of Pagans, classes, shopping, giant group rituals… I’d love to go someday.

Do DragonCon
Because I’d like to do it at least once. I think it would probably absolutely wreck my body, and I certainly don’t expect I’d ever want to go back, but I’d like to do it at least once.

Become wise
The last, and hardest. And every time I say that my goal is to become wise, something horrible happens to me. It’s almost like the universe is trying to help me gain wisdom by the fastest possible route (i.e., experience). But this is still very much something I want, to be wise. This one is actually interesting when looked at in context of my awareness that I’m serving the Mother most of all, since wisdom is usually associated with the Crone. I’ve been thinking a lot about the difference between the Crone’s wisdom and the Mother’s wisdom, and I think it comes down, in the end, to the degree of abstraction. Good mothers are wise people, but their wisdom is that of the kitchen table. They watch their children go into the world and provide practical wisdom, centered around how to be in the world and the nature of the people they encounter. The Crone’s wisdom tends to be more focused on profound human truths. And this really could be an entire post all by itself…


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