Blogtember Day 11: Friday Nights

Today’s question: what do you do on a Friday night when you’re staying in?

I’m staying in tonight, because it’s been a very busy week and I’m tired. (And my partner works in an industry that often requires working on Friday nights.) So what are my plans?

I’m going to write more cover letters, deal with all kinds of job-paperwork, probably blog– you might get one of the Blogtember posts I missed tonight… and deal with all the personal-development stuff, like my physical therapy exercises, journaling, and altar work. A night in is time to deal with all the stuff I don’t normally have time to deal with. And one of this week’s exercises in The Artist’s Way is to spend an hour doing an artist-brain activity and listen for insights. For me that will probably mean spending time with my coloring book.

If there’s time after all the personal-development stuff is done and I’ve written my fair share, I’ll probably continue rewatching Person of Interest, maybe take more steps to getting caught up on the Marvel Cinematic Universe…

And probably go to bed at a reasonable hour, because I want to sleep.


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