Blogtember Day 12: What Are You Currently?

So they want to know what I’m up to today. Let’s see!

What are you currently…
…reading: Truth or Dare, by Starhawk
…playing: Runescape.
…watching: rewatching Person of Interest. It’s fascinating to look at all the foreshadowing when you know what happened later!
…trying: to get a job! Writing doesn’t pay the bills yet; I’ve only sold one story!
…cooking: mostly toaster oven quesadillas; I’m not doing so well lately at that “regular meals and nutrition” thing.
…eating: chocolate. All the chocolate.
…drinking: water. And electrolyte supplement when I remember it.
…calling: on the phone? My partner. And an old fling from a long time ago. (Or should, because he left me a voicemail and I should call him back…)
…texting: my partner. Can you tell I don’t have much of a social life?
…pinning: would you believe I actually don’t use Pinterest?
…tweeting: …or Twitter.
…going: To a historical ball, I hope!
…loving: my partner again. We’re not getting much time together lately, but what we are getting is filled with so much love.
…hating: the uncertainty and instability that comes with not having a full-time job.
…discovering: that I am a capable person, and capable of becoming a good witch.
…thinking: about how most of the other people doing this challenge seem to be Christian homemakers (or at least the random links I’ve clicked on are), and I’m a Wiccan career woman, but we still seem to have so much in common!
…feeling: love, and fear, and anxiety. And I’m still learning to feel them instead of suppressing them.
…hoping (for): a day job, and a steady schedule.
…listening (to): what, right now? “Let Me See Ya Girl” by Cole Swindell.
…celebrating: Mabon is in a week and a half!
…smelling: not much; this room doesn’t have that much of a scent to it.
…ordering: The Jealousy Workbook: Exercises and Insights for Managing Open Relationships, by Kathy Labriola. Oddly enough, my local bookstores don’t carry more specialized books on polyamory. (Or any at all…)
…thanking: my partner again, for dealing with my having a serious depressive episode last night.
…considering: what I want to do with my life, and which directions I want to grow and be in.
…starting: to teach myself Haskell.
…finishing: a cross-stitch piece that’s meant to be a wedding gift for the wedding I was in a year ago! Got to get that done soon!


One thought on “Blogtember Day 12: What Are You Currently?

  1. I love your list. I’m not a Christian homemaker but I’ve enjoyed reading the interesting lives of so many intriguing women. Don’t start Pinterest! I just opened an account several months ago and it’s addictive. You’re a chocolate lover as well? We should be friends;)

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