Blogtember Day 15: Things In My Bag

The post’s late today because I spent the day with my partner. We’re in a stretch of time where we won’t get to see each other often, so we’re making the most of every scrap of time we get. And farmer’s markets can be very romantic in the right circumstances. It was a lovely day. I’m still glowing. (Also, I fixed my biscuit recipe entirely by accident.)

Today’s challenge: tell you all about what’s in my purse.

First I feel like I should point out that I don’t use a purse per se. I have a little messenger bag a friend gave me that serves the purpose of a purse, but has far more in it than a purse typically holds. So this list is likely to be a little longer than some. Things in my bag:

A datebook– I use a paper datebook for my scheduling. Because it’s just easier.

My phone– an iPhone (I don’t remember the version number) in a pink-and-purple case.

Journal– I’ve mentioned before that I keep a paper journal. It gets carried around with me everywhere.

Glasses case– with the glasses in it, since I’m home at the moment.

Retainer case– well, technically it’s not a retainer, it’s an “appliance” and it’s correcting my TMJ. But it has to come out to eat like a retainer or an invisalign, and it goes into the case when it does.

The Elegant Universe, by Brian Greene– this book is going to get carried around until I finish reading it, which is slow going at the moment. The thing about dating a would-be physicist is that it opens your mind to the wonders of the universe… and so now I have several books that discuss physics in plain English for us non-physicists, and I’m slowly working my way through them. (Always have a book. Always, always have a book. And a notebook.)

Work nametag– I can’t forget it if it’s always in here!

Travel bottle of ibuprofen– I really need to refill that.

Stomach prescription– self-explanatory.

Wallet– also self-explanatory.

Assorted detritus– I really need to clean this stuff out; it’s a layer of ick that’s getting on my actual stuff.

So that’s what’s in my bag! But now I’m curious– what’s in yours, assuming you’re not partaking in the challenge and therefore already posting this up?


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