New Twilight!

So, Blogtember kinda… faded. I offer as my excuses that I was extremely tired and am still recovering from a cold I caught from my partner. Having a bit of trouble eating, and I’ve given up altogether on trying to swallow my calcium supplement. All the things kind of happened at once. I will try to do better.

One thing that might help me do better: there’s a new Twilight book out! With the genders of all the characters reversed! Yes, for real, genderswapped Twilight is a thing now. I was the exact right age for Twilight the first time around– at least, the first book– and I was actually a little actively annoyed when it first became a phenomenon because now everybody was making fun of it when it wasn’t actually that much sillier than any of the other paranormal romances everyone was reading. I do think none of the sequels lived up to the first one, though, and by the time of Breaking Dawn I was getting actively annoyed with where the story had gone.

All that said,  I will probably go out and acquire a copy, and I will probably not be able to resist posting about it here. Especially since both Jenny Trout and Cleolinda Jones say that there’s probably an entire gender studies paper in it. (I’m not actually all that well-versed in gender theory, but at some point we’ll get my discussion of the hidden feminism of Walker, Texas Ranger, so I’m at least paying some attention.)

So y’all have that to look forward to.

(Also, there’s going to be a print-on-demand edition of Like a Circlet Editor. The fact that this includes a contributor’s copy is probably just as exciting as the getting-paid part: “Here is this print book! That has MY STORY in it!”)


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