Kit Bakes Everything: Honey-Spice Cake with Buttercream Icing and Gingerbread Part II

Hey guys! It’s actually been a while since I did the cooking I’m discussing here– I’ve been moving! I’m so very glad to have moved (there are TWO CATS in my new apartment!), but wow has it been exhausting and I’m still not unpacked yet. So I’m going to post here about cooking done a while ago.

First thing’s first: I love bundt pans! I get to make a fancy cake while putting almost no actual effort into cake decorating. I really need to get one of these for myself! (Though it did lead to a slightly overbaked cake because I’m not used to working with these things.) I did Honey-Spice cake, which is a pretty neat cake. It’s fairly dense and thick, because it calls for whole-wheat or rye. I used white whole wheat, and we also substituted some kind of dark beer for the coffee so as to have a caffeine-free cake. It was pretty tasty!

Since I had a bundt pan and had made a fancy cake, it occurred to me that I should also ice it, especially since I have a whole chapter of icing at the end that I’m going to have to do!

I went for the Not-Too-Sweet Honey Buttercream (a variant of Not-Too-Sweet Vanilla Buttercream), and I need to do more experimentation with icings, because it didn’t come out that well. It was grainy and it never really thickened, and it wasn’t sweet but it didn’t have any other flavor either, really. It was just kind of this… vaguely buttery thing.

I think maybe buttercream is one of those things where butter-versus-margarine actually matters. Though that my not be all of it, because of the next recipe. A few weeks after that cake (see? I’m behind on writing these up!), I got together with my metamour, who’s low-gluten but not totally gluten-free, and I decided to see how a low-gluten version of that cranberry gingerbread from New Year’s worked– remember I was speculating it would do well gluten-free? There’s gluten in my egg substitute, so it wasn’t completely gluten-free, but there were perhaps four tablespoons of flour in the entire cake. It came out kind of sandy–even in a cake there’s no true substitute for flour– but respectable. I bet you could use real eggs to make it a completely gluten-free cake and have it come out less sandy.

But I digress. Since I’d already done that recipe once and the goal is finishing the book, I wanted to do a new recipe to go with it… and cue the icing. The Lemon Glaze recipe has a number of variants, including a Cinnamon Glaze which the gingerbread recipe specifically calls out as being good with the gingerbread. So I made that, still with Earth Balance instead of butter, and it came out fine. The major difference between the two, actually, was that we’d run out of confectioner’s sugar when I was halfway through making the buttercream, and rather than powder more in the food processor I attempted to just use straight turbinado. For the cinnamon glaze, we powdered a whole bunch of sugar and it worked better.

So let this be a lesson to remember to powder your sugar for icing!



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