Kit Bakes Everything: Chocolate-Sour Cream Pound Cake

It is possible to screw up cake such that your household won’t eat it, y’all! They were eating the Entemann’s someone brought home! A store bought cake! In preference to a homemade chocolate one!

In all fairness, if I could eat the store-bought one, I probably would have been too. I don’t know if it’s because I subbed Greek yogurt for the rest of the sour cream when we ran out or if it’s just the way these cakes are supposed to come out, but the texture was awful. I ate some of it because it was chocolate cake and I’ve been sick with the flu, but it was dense in a very bad way– heavy and muddy and just weird. I’m not sure what caused the problem, though I’d also be willing to go with “this is a cake texture some people prefer” or “this is the texture of a sour cream cake”.

It was probably some kind of mess-up in the execution, though, because looking over here at The Cake Blog‘s comparison pictures, that is not at all what my cake’s crumb looked like, though I don’t think that one was a pound cake either. Also, I don’t have a lot of experience baking with real dairy. Since my partner’s away visiting relatives I thought I’d give real butter and sour cream a shot.

One might also blame the oven, or the Bundt pan, or any number of variables that go into a cake. Or maybe pound cakes just shouldn’t be chocolate. I’m probably not going to try it again to figure it out, though; there are plenty of cake recipes still to go, and some that I’ve tested that everyone actually likes (not to mention scores of other cookbooks), so troubleshooting this at random is kind of a low priority– if I do enough with similar cake recipes that I start to have a targeted idea of what was wrong with this one, I might come back and give it another shot. But without the “double it so you can use a tube pan” this time!


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