Kit Bakes Everything: Georgian Bread and Crazy Cake

Sorry for disappearing on you, everyone! First I had a bad mental health week, and then my laptop was broken for a week, and then I was exhausted. I’m still exhausted, honestly, but the more I put off writing and keep baking, the more daunting writing up my backlog gets. I’m going to write up the one I did relatively recently while it’s fresh in my mind and and deal with my backlog later when I’m not exhausted.

There was a cooking spree! Kitty Tamer (one of my roommates) was sick, so Math Dragon and Bookhunter (more of my roommates) and I cooked dinner for her. We’d have cooked dinner for the rest of the house too, but everyone else was out.

(How many roommates do I have, you ask? Five: Chef, Kitty Tamer, Math Dragon, Bookhunter, and Tie-Dye. There are various significant others and former residents who also drop by on the regular; they’ll get Blog Nicknames if they become important.)

Math Dragon and Bookhunter did soup and sandwiches, while I did more baking. Much more baking– Georgian Bread and Crazy Cake from this cookbook, and scallion pancakes for an appetizer which are from one of my Korean cookbooks and thus not part of the project. (There is a scallion pancake recipe in How to Bake Everything. I will be doing it at some point. And probably doing a bonus comparison. Which gives me an idea for something to do after I eventually get through this cookbook– comparing recipes for the same thing across MULTIPLE cookbooks!)

Georgian Bread is fascinating. It’s basically a giant open-faced cheese turnover– you take a bread dough, spread cheese on it, roll up the sides, fill the middle with more cheese, and bake. You’re supposed to it it hot while the cheese is still liquid so you can dip the dough into the cheese; this did not happen because we weren’t great at timing our meals. One thing to note is that while the loaf of bread looks small when it’s at the rising stage, you will be rolling it out really thin, so there’s actually more of it than there seems to be. That said, if you’ve got very bread-loving people around, you might want to double the recipe.

Things I didn’t do: the recipe calls for breaking an egg over the top of that cheese and baking it until it’s just set, and then putting a tablespoon of butter cut up into small pieces over the top while it’s still hot. That just struck me as overkill, honestly; the thing’s already so rich! Why add more? I could barely eat it as it was.

Crazy Cake is weird, although at least some of that might be that we did the Baily’s Irish Cream version first and our bottle of Irish Cream was really old. It’s extremely fluffy, but as a cake that’s deliberately done without diary or eggs, it has little richness. Or at least, that’s the variation with the alcohol. When you do the variation that involves replacing all the water in the recipe with coffee, it’s significantly gooier. And also caffeinated, which I really don’t recommend in cake, especially if you have my congenital sensitivity to substances. (Turns out autism often means you don’t react normally to drugs! In my case, this means an extreme sensitivity to them.)

Our next trick is going to be trying it with Kahlua, on the theory that this will have the coffee flavor to bring out the chocolate flavor, alcohol to make it fluffy, and no caffeine to upset my brain and stomach. I will have to see how that actually turns out, but I am intensely curious.


One thought on “Kit Bakes Everything: Georgian Bread and Crazy Cake

  1. Welcome back. Sorry to hear you’ve had troubles. I presume things are getting better, as you are writing again. Sharing a home with people who cook for each other sounds wonderful.

    I love scallion pancakes and they are on my list for things to make when I get the time. Depending on how picky they turn out to be, I might just want to pick your brain.

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