Kit Bakes Everything: Rich Golden Bread

I made two loaves this afternoon and it’s already gone, so that’s something. One slight mishap that meant it wasn’t as risen as it could have been, so I’ll have to try it again sometime soonish, but it still came out delicious!

The main thing about this one is that it has multiple rises. Several multiple rises– there’s the first rise, then the shaping, then letting it puff for about 20 minutes or so, and then a full second rise. Enriched dough really needs all that rising, but it’s kind of a lengthy process, which is where the mishap comes in.

The second rise is supposed to take place in a cake or loaf pan, so that you don’t have to handle the dough a second time before rising– just brush with melted butter and pop into the oven. I got it all set up nicely, but so that we’d have bread around the dinner hour instead of an hour after I got home from a later than usual shift, I asked Math Dragon to do the brushing it with butter and putting it in the oven part. It didn’t occur to me to specify “bake it in the cake pans”, and it didn’t occur to him that I’d be using anything other than the baking sheets I’ve used for all the loaves of Rustic Bread I’ve been making… and so he transferred it after the second rise, which lost a lot of the rise.

However, even with that mishap and the loss of texture that necessarily accrues when you substitute all the eggs in a recipe, it tasted pretty delicious– not as fluffy as it could have been, but not close-textured either. It had more flavor than the other breads I’ve been making. Five out of the six people living here had sandwiches for dinner, since we had a lot of deli meat leftover from one of Math Dragon’s deli meat buying sprees (man takes his sandwiches seriously) and also a ridiculous number of homemade pickles leftover from an amateur catering project Chef did. The bread is now entirely gone.

I’ll have to make this one again. It’s not that much more work than the other one, and it’s clearly a hit. (Even better, maybe I can find a recipe for enriched bread in Bakewise, which I discovered today has delicious recipes which are much more straightforwardly written.)


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