Kit Bakes Everything: Backlog Post! Hamantaschen, Sugar Cookies, and Gingersnaps

So remember how I said there was a backlog? Well, I did the hamantaschen and the sugar cookies way back around Purim. I am… not good at actually writing stuff up and getting it posted. The gingersnaps were more recent, but they were still a while ago. I’m slowly burning out, is the real problem, and that’s leaving me with less energy for things like cooking and posting. Even when you’ve got them stable, having two day jobs is a pain, y’all. Which is why I need to write; if I can get consistent enough content and audience here to put up a Patreon or something I can maybe get a little breathing room on that front.

Ah, well, there were cookies. I am not remotely an observant Jew, y’all (and since I inherit through my father, whether I’m Jewish at all kind of depends on how Orthodox you are), but I did make some hamantaschen for Purim. Since I can’t have the traditional fruit jam fillings, I got grapefruit marmalade and pumpkin butter to fill them with. The cookie recipe is good, even if its clarity about how exactly you’re supposed to fill them leaves something to be desired. The cookie part came out quite nicely.

Pumpkin butter makes an excellent filling– sweet and not too sweet and very like pumpkin pie, but softer and bite-sized. The grapefruit marmalade, alas, was not a success, and the ones so filled hung around the house for days before the last few got tossed. It was just too tart! There was no sweetness at all in that, and it was sticky besides. It might go reasonably well on a very sweet bread, but it didn’t work in a situation where it was supposed to be the main flavor of something. There was no sensation beyond “oh, this is making my mouth pucker.” And I like grapefruit!

The sugar cookies were instigated by Bookhunter– she and Math Dragon had gone to Maine around Purim and brought back some maple sugar for me to bake with. So I substituted the sugar in the sugar cookie recipe with maple sugar. I highly recommend this substitution, by the way. The cookies came out sweet and sugary and deliciously flavored of maple in a way that was definitely there but not overpowering. They were absolutely delicious, a hands-down winner. I’m torn between making them again to use up the rest of the maple sugar and trying something else with it. Anything else I made would have to try hard to compete with these, though. They were just so sweet and maple and delicious.

My adventures in gingersnaps… well, there was this slight problem in that we were out of ginger. So I didn’t put any ginger in the gingersnaps, and added more of other spices to compensate. I also didn’t roll them out thin so that they would crunch and snap. (I never promised I was going to follow the recipes, y’all!) They came out puffy and moist and quite tasty, so I’ll have to try again with actual ginger and rolling out and see what happens. It’s a good base, though! Not too sweet and nicely full of spices. (What keeps happening with ginger is I remember that I bought a giant thing of it, so obviously I have some! And I did indeed buy a giant thing of it… for something I cooked with my partner, that is located at his house.)


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